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Whether it's a specific test or a program to qualify your product to your customer, we can provide the plastic recycling service you need. NPI has labs at both of its plants and provides lab services from the Brampton location. All tests are performed to ASTM standards. Lab testing capabilities include:

  • Melt Index
  • Density
  • Ash Content
  • DSC Analysis
  • Instron Tensile Testing
  • IZOD Impact
  • Elmendorf Tear
  • C.O.F
  • Dart Drop and others

Our lab processing equipment includes:

  • Lab Film Line
  • Lab Pelletizing Line 2
  • Lab Injection Molders.

We are always in the market for buying post-industrial feedstocks which include plastic films and molding regrinds. If you are interested please contact us and provide us with a representative sample of your material which we will quickly qualify in our lab.


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