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With over 25 years of experience in plastic recycling and customer plastic manufacturing processes, NexCycle has developed several flag ship recycled plastic resin product lines. These products are available to the market in mass volumes.

Are you in early stage product development phase of a new application? NexCycle can help in this process from concept to production. We understand the opportunities and challenges of getting recycled resin compounds approved for new applications and we’ve learned a variety of lessons over the years to minimize the risks.

We offer the following flag ship recycled plastic resins and compounds for a variety of plastic process applications. Don’t see what you are looking for? We have the ability to compound or source materials to meet specific needs. Contact us for quality recycled resin alternatives.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
Recycled hdpe resins for a variety of film, extrusion and injection molding applications including packaging and industrial products. Available in mixed color/black, and natural/white.

Packaging: Our HDPE resins are used for many kinds of plastic packaging products including industrial liners, as well as retail and t-shirt plastic bags.

Industrial: Our HDPE plastic resins are especially suitable for pipe, tubing, decking, conduit, profiles, plastic sheet and corrugated high density polyethylene pipe for drainage and irrigation applications.

LLDPE-LDPE (Linear Low – Low Density Polyethylene)
Post Consumer formulations available!

Recycled LLDPE and LDPE resins for a variety of non-food grade plastic film applications and extrusion applications.  Available in mixed color/black, white and natural.

Packaging: Our LL-LDPE resins are used for many kinds of plastic packaging products including trash bags, retail bags and garment films.

Industrial: Our LL-LDPE resin is especially suitable for gaylord box liners, pipe, tubing profiles and other extrusion applications.

PP (Polypropylene)
Post Consumer formulations available!

Recycled polypropylene plastic resins for a vast array of injection and extrusion molding applications where consistency of quality and supply is critical. Available in mixed color, black and natural.

Industrial:Our PP resin is especially suitable for construction and building applications, horticultural and consumer durables.  In addition we regularly develop custom formulas in a variety of physical characteristics to meet customer applications and specifications.


Custom Tolling of Plastic Scrap:

NexCycle provides closed loop recycling services to many of our customers by recycling their scrap.  Customer materials are carefully segregated for quality integrity and then size reduced, re-melted, filtrated and re-extruded into resin for use in their material blends.  These resins can be further post blended and compounded if required.

This process enables our customers to almost eliminate yield loss and meet environmental “zero waste” goals.

Trading - Off Grade Virgin Resins and Scrap Polymers:

NexCycle carries a regular inventory of virgin resins. We specialize in virgin LLDPE-LDPE film grade resins.

NexCycle also carries various polymer regrinds that are sold into North American manufacturing end markets.

Product Development:

Experience our cost effective solutions for all your demanding projects. With our experience, technology and full scale lab we are capable and interested in diversifying into other polymers and areas where customer needs exist.



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