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Post Consumer

Although NexCycle has traditionally been a recycler of clean, high quality post industrial plastic scrap feed-stocks, we have expanded our product offerings to include post consumer content upon request.

NexCycle has a clear understanding of the changing dynamics in the plastics industry with respect to post-consumer content. In response to several key customer markets that were demanding post consumer content, NexCycle has developed the following materials that are available if specifically requested:

LLDPE/LDPE Film Grade "Endeavor" Resin: (10 – 15% Post Consumer Content)

NexCycle’s “Endeavor” film grade product is a 100% recycled hybrid of post industrial resin with 10 to 15% post consumer content. Our endeavor to develop the blended post-consumer content within our film grade resins involved a significant capital expenditure and retro-fit of our equipment to enhance our ability to process "harder to deal with" post consumer materials. We are fully committed to meeting the needs of our customers in this arena and are determined to increase post consumer content in our recycled LLDPE resins going forward.

Polypropylene: Injection Grade "Genesis" Resin: (100% Post Consumer)

Over the past 3 years, NexCycle has developed a reliable source of post consumer polypropylene material. Our "Genesis" resin is 100% post consumer polypropylene. It is recommended for use in injection molding applications where a balance of strength and toughness is required.

Genesis resin can be compounded with recycled post industrial polypropylene resins or virgin resins to meet higher performance specifications. NexCycle’s Genesis resin is naturally grey in colour.



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