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NexCycle products continue to find new applications as concerns over our environment and price volatility in the virgin resin markets become more prevalent. This coupled with our improving technologies and better management of various scrap streams means that more and more plastic manufacturing companies are turning to NexCycle for quality recycled resin alternatives to virgin resin.

Polyethylene Film
In the always competitive polyethylene film market NexCycle’s products have been able to keep up with the times as more and more producers are running thinner gauge films at higher production rates. Featuring affordability, quality and performance, our mixed colour, white and natural repro is used extensively in the packaging and plastic bag arenas.

Polyethylene Pipe
Nexcycle has products that are formulated to be used in the production of HDPE pipe and LD/LLDPE pipe. Our process ability, consistency and absence of contamination with other polymers make Nexcycle’s products the industry leader.

Injection Molding
Whether you are moulding parts made of polyethylene or polypropylene Nexcycle has a product that will work for you. We currently have commercial commodity grades in both polypropylene and polyethylene or we can custom formulate a product for your specific application. Currently our resins are found in packaging, construction, horticultural and the consumer and durable goods markets.

Sheet/Profile Extrusion
NexCycle’s extrusion grade resins offer the toughness and strength required by processors. We have available specific grades in both polyethylene and polypropylene for various extrusion applications. Dedicated feedstocks allow NexCycle to offer products with superior physical characteristics and lot to lot consistency.



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