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About NexCycle

NexCycle Industries has a 15 year legacy of providing glass recycling solutions in Ontario, Quebec and North America. As a division of Strategic Materials – the largest glass recycler in North America with over 40 plants on the continent, we collect both post consumer and post-industrial scrap glass from a diverse range of sources including residential curbside collection, deposit return programs as well as bottle, plate and automotive glass manufacturers. Equipped with the latest optical sorting technologies for glass separation, purification and colour sortation, NexCycle Industries processes scrap glass into a raw material called cullet. In a truly closed loop life cycle, the cullet is then sold back into the glass manufacturing industry as a raw material – predominantly for glass containers and fibreglass.

NexCycle is deeply proud to be the glass recycling solution for the municipal blue box collection in Ontario.

NexCycle is equally passionate about our role as the recycling solution for The Beer Store and Ontario’s Deposit Return Program.

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because you have lived, that is to have succeeded."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson